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A New Review Looks at Two of the Best Mattresses for Those Who Suffer from Back Pain

Getting a good night’s sleep is more difficult for some people than for others. While a few adults today might be able to fall asleep easily and awaken truly refreshed every morning, many more struggle with even these basics.

This is especially true for millions who suffer from chronic back pain. Even slight twinges of pain can disrupt a person’s entire day, and flareups throughout the night inevitably make things even more difficult. Worse yet, the quality of sleep a back pain sufferer experiences can contribute to the next day’s symptoms, over and over again.

One well-regarded website has recently looked into how a variety of leading mattresses perform for owners who suffer from back pain. As those who read their review will see, choosing the right mattress to own and sleep on can really make a difference.

A Few Mattresses That Excel When It Comes to Minimizing Back Pain

There are probably now hundreds of different models of mattresses on the market at any given time. Unfortunately, that can make things seem difficult for those who are seeking an appropriate mattress of their own. The recent review in question, however, highlighted a few mattresses that bear particular consideration from buyers who suffer from back pain. These include:

  • Amerisleep AS2. The Amerisleep AS2 is a highly regarded mattress in general, but it has become a favorite among those with chronic back pain. The natural, plant-derived memory foam that makes up the bulk of the AS2 provides a good deal of support without ever feeling unforgiving. At the same time, an upper layer of proprietary Celliant fabric encourages healthy circulation, a feature that can help keep back pain from ramping up. As a versatile mattress in general, the AS2 will also allow most partners to sleep well at night, too.
  • Saatva. While mattresses that make use of various foams for all structural purposes are common online, Saatva takes a different approach. Combining memory foam with a traditional innerspring layer allows the company to provide many of the benefits of both. That has helped make Saatva’s singular mattress another top choice for back pain sufferers.

Less Back Pain and More Restful Sleep

As the review mentioned earlier makes clear, those who suffer from chronic back pain have some interesting mattress options to consider. Doing so could be one of the best ways to minimize back pain for years to come.